Sunday, September 22 to Monday, September 23, 2019

Live-Streaming will begin on Sunday at 5:00pm and continue through Monday at 8:30pm

You are invited to come and pray anytime during the 24 hours or commit to spend a specific hour with Jesus by using the SignUp Genius <HERE>.

The Father’s love was so unlimited that He wanted us to know that love. He sent us His Son. Jesus is there, body and blood, soul and divinity, really, truly and substantially present before us in the Blessed Sacrament.  Come in Adoration and pray to Jesus. Recite your favorite prayers, do some meditative reading, or just bask in the healing rays of Jesus before you.

You may also join the prayers and Eucharistic Adoration from home. Live-Streaming will be available on this page beginning on September 22 at 5:00 PM and continuing through September 23 at 8:00 PM



Sunday, September 22, 2019

  • 5:00 PM             Opening Mass
  • 6:00 PM             Exposition/Adoration Begins
  • 7:00 PM             Teen Praise and Worship
  • 9:15 PM             Night Prayer

Monday, September 23, 2019

  • 8:10 AM             Morning Prayer
  • 8:30 AM             Mass
  • 7:00 PM             Benediction
  • 7:30 PM             Closing Mass

We will begin each hour with the recitation of the hourly prayer, the Litany of God the Father, followed only by silent prayer unless it’s an hour that includes the Divine Office. We’ve included the words to the prayer here so that you can pray along at home.

Each hour has been assigned a special intention except those during which a daily Mass will be celebrated.  These are listed on the right sidebar of this webpage.

Prayer Captains

Parish volunteers will serve as a Prayer Captains for each of the Hours. Prayer Captains are responsible for leading the public prayers at the beginning of each hour and any additional announcements as necessary.

Core Adorers

Core adorers are needed for each hour to ensure constant company with Christ. Sign up if you are able to commit to spending an hour or more with the Blessed Sacrament.

Personal Intentions

Cards will be available to enter your own personal intentions for which you pledge to pray during the 24 Hours.  You may place this card in the basket in front of the altar at any time.  If you are unable to attend the 24 Hours but would like your intentions included, Father Dan Leary invites you to email him directly at and he will include these for you.

Spiritual Bouquet cards will also be available if you wish to offer your holy hour and prayers for a specific person. Simply fill out the card and send it to the person for whom you prayed as your gift to them.

When You Come

  • The doors near the altar will be open during the 24 Hours. The entry doors from Kemp Mill Road will be open during the 24 Hours from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. The circle doors will remain locked.
  • Please enter using the doors near the altar during evening and night hours.  Please park in the small lot near the Early Learning Center during evening and night hours.
  • Please sign in at one of the welcome tables located at the handicapped entrance or at the midpoint of the church.  Please sign out when you leave.
  • Please dress modestly and appropriately, especially during overnight adoration. Consider bringing a sweater or light jacket as the church may get cool. Prayer booklets will be provided that include the public prayers offered each hour.



Our 24 Hours Prayer Booklet

Our Personal Intention Card

Our Spiritual Bouquet Card

Printable Flyer

40 Hours with Jesus Christ

The History of Eucharistic Adoration

15 Benefits of Eucharistic Adoration

27 Ways to Spend an Hour with Jesus

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Hourly Intentions

Sunday, September 22 

6PM: That the name of God the Father will be honored in the hearts of His people.

7PM: That those studying in seminaries may be formed to the Heart of Christ.

8PM: That the leadership of the Church seeks the will of God courageously and obediently.

9PM: That priests, united to the Heart of Christ, may always be true witnesses of the caring and merciful love of God.

10PM:  That those who govern will fear God and perform their duties with wisdom.

11PM:  That families will be especially protected and blessed, bonded by the Holy Spirit, and accompanied with love, respect, and guidance.

Monday, September 23

12AM: For support and protection from the enemy, that we may rest in the peace, love, and joy of God’s providence.

1AM: That every person will desire and experience a gentle and life-changing encounter with God.

2AM: That people are separated from any attachments to worldly things that keep them from a trusting abandonment to God’s kingship.

3AM: That those who suffer will allow themselves to be touched by the heart of Jesus.

4AM: That the vulnerable in our communities will be protected and encouraged as all God’s children, guided to health and happiness.

5AM: That the riches of creation be preserved, valued, and made available to all, as precious gifts from God to mankind.

6AM: That we take delight in the Lord and the day He has made.

7AM: That Christians may achieve full unity, bearing witness of the universal fatherhood of God to the entire human race.

9AM: That all who suffer loneliness may experience the closeness of God and the support of others.

10AM: That schools teach virtues, morals, and spiritual values, and develop the gifts given to each child by God, their loving Father.

11AM: That all Christians be recognizable by their love and mercy for others.

12PM: That our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith may rediscover the merciful closeness of the Lord and the beauty of the Christian life.

1PM: For all scholars, that by means of a sincere search for the truth they may arrive at an understanding of the one true God.

2PM: That missionaries, with the proclamation of the Gospel and their witness of life, may bring the Father’s love to all those who do not yet know Him.

3PM: That we may silence the noise of the world to hear the voice of God.

4PM: That God’s will be done.

5PM:That our personal relationships with Christ be nourished by the Word of God and a life of prayer.

6PM: In Thanksgiving for Christ in the Eucharist.

Parish Events

Fri 29

24×7 Prayer

May 29 @ 12:01 am - 11:59 pm
Sat 30
Sat 30

24×7 Prayer

May 30 @ 12:01 am - 11:59 pm
Sat 30

Confession in the Parking Lot

May 30 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sun 31