Saint Andrew Apostle Mission

Spanish Mission



12247 Georgia Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20902


Contact:  Rev. Blake Evans

Telephone: 301-202-9496



Welcome Deacon Luke!

La Mision San Andres welcomes back Brother Luke Mary VanBerkum, OP of the Dominicans. Now ordained a Deacon (Congratulations!) Deacon Luke will continue to help at The Mission including doing Baptisms, preaching, and teaching. He will baptize his first Mission children in August.

Married in Christ!

Congratulations to Jon Michael Ofstein & Leircy Rivera who celebrated the Sacrament of Marriage at La Mision San Andres July 31st. The couple will live in Columbia, MD. Jon Michael, a convert from Judaism, was baptized and fully initiated at the Easter Vigil at The Mission last Holy Week. Congratualtions and God Bless You!

“Beloved” Young Women

The SA Mission young women’s group “Dilectus” (Beloved in Latin) took time for a silent retreat to enter the Ignatian Exercises, Silence, Holy Hours and reflections guided by Fr. Mario Majano, former Chaplain of the Mission. Fr. Evans helped with confessions. Delictus is for single women 18-30 who long to grow and serve God by understanding that they are His Beloved Daughters. The retreat providentially fell on the weekend of the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, patron of retreats and author of The Exercises. Thanks to our sponsors from St. Andrews and San Andres Mission. 19 young women attended. Thanks to Fr. Mario & Fr. Evans.

Update! 2021
God is at Work at Mision San Andres !
2 wedding masses July 2021
21 upcoming weddings slated
47 couples in Marriage Preparation
47 First Communions Spring 2021
30 Adults were Initiated or Confirmed through RCIA
32 Youth/Young RCIA/Children Initiated

2020 before or during Pandemic
21 Adults in RCIA Initiated
6 weddings
32 Confirmations Youth Young Adults
33 RCIA Adults Initiated
57 First Communions
360 Student pre-Pandemic in Rel Ed 2019-2020
237 Rel Ed students 2020 including during the Pandemic

Protected bike lanes are coming to our area! Information is <HERE>.


During 4 weeks this summer, Liturgical Cycle B, the Gospel teaches us different aspects of the Eucharist, the most important of the Sacraments because it is Christ. There are infinite meditations on the Eucharist, per Essential to Faith they are that:

1. The Eucharist is The Body and Blood of Jesus – it is a Sacrifice – including all the merits of death to Christ without dying again. His Passion is applied in the present.
2. The Eucharist is Communion with God, with the Church, the Saints, and the entire Invisibile Kingdom of God.
3. The Eucharist Real Presence of Jesus – Alive! Present with us and glorious.
4. The Eucharist is “Viaticum” – Food for Our Pilgrimage in this world and food for the last journey to Heaven through death to eternal life and The Resurrection. He is Our Bread of Life and Bread to Live in holiness in this world.

The Eucharist is the only Sacrament that is God.


Suggested Summer Reading on the Eucharist

For the next 4 weeks the Sunday Readings will have the Eucharist as a Theme.  Christ calls all to Himself in the Eucharist, the Father calls us through His Son. The Spirit also calls us and unites us all as the People of God in the Eucharist. 

A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist by Abbot Vonier

A classic work by a Dominican

Praying in the Presence of The Lord – by Franciscan Fr. B. Groeschel

The Lamb’s Supper – the Mass as Heaven on Earth – by Dr, Scott Hahn
Simple and readable and clear, published in 1999 convert Dr. Hahn draws us into the Mystical link of the Eucharist to Heaven understood by the Early Church in both the East and the West.


Click Here for Link to Bishop Barron’s talk on the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist


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