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We are a member of the Maryland K-12 Digital Library.

When you have to do a research paper, ALWAYS begin by searching St. Andrew’s Library’s SUBSCRIPTION DATABASES first BEFORE YOU try the Internet.



  1. What is the MDK12 Digital Library?

    • A partnership of all 24 Maryland public school districts and more than 100 participating non-public schools, of which St. Andrew Apostle is one.
    • Online subscriptions to pre-selected Web sites and articles providing current and helpful quality information to support learning at school and at home
    • Reduced costs through statewide purchase agreements
    • Accessible at school and at home
  2. Why subscribe to online resources through the MDK12 Digital Library instead of just using the free internet?

    • Accurate, reliable information selected by experts
    • Text written at levels students can read
    • Resources not available on the Internet
    • Continual review so that recommended Web sites are appropriate and up-to-date
  3. What information is available through these MDK12 resources?

    • Material that supports reading, language arts, social studies, science, music and art, humanities and MORE.
    • Includes encyclopedia articles, full-text magazine articles, primary documents, dictionaries, photographs, maps and charts and graphs, video interviews, biographies, and Web links.
  4. May I download or print articles from the MDK12 Digital Library resources?

    • Yes!  Users may download or print content for educational use.
  5. How may I learn how to use the resources available through the MDK12 Digital Library?

    • Mrs. Rawls and classroom teachers will be familiarizing students with the various Web sites and search techniques.
    • Use the help topics and tutorials available on the various Web sites.
  6. What resources are available to St. Andrew students through our participation in the MDK12 Digital Library, and how are they accessed from home?

    • BRAINPOP, including BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr. and BrainPOP Espanol, available 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM. Go to the the Brainpop web site and enter username and password.
      1. Username
      2. Password
    • Grolier Online, including The New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The Popular Science Encyclopedia, Lands and People Encyclopedia, Amazing Animals of the World, and the full-text America the Beautiful states series. Go to the Grolier Online web site and enter username and password.
      1. Username
      2. Password
    • SIRS, including SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Knowledge Source, SIRS Decades, AND Culture Grams. Go to ProQuest K-12 and enter username and password in all lower case.
      1. Username
      2. Password
    • Teaching Books, including author programs, book guides, book readings, and author web sites. Go to Teaching Books web site and in the “Sign In” box under Password, enter our password and click “Submit” to begin your search.
    • The World Book Encyclopedia Home Access including World Book Kids, World Book Student, World Advanced, and Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos. Go to the World Book web site and enter login ID and password.
      1. Log-in ID
      2. Password

For guidelines on citing sources according to the MLA format which is used at St. Andrew Apostle, go to OR

It is my hope that these databases will be a help to all of you at school and at home, whether you are working on homework or a class project. In September, this information was printed on blue card stock and 5” x 8” cards were sent home with each student. I hope you will keep this card close to your computer so that you have the usernames and passwords when you need them. I am not allowed to include the usernames and passwords on our web site.

Information about our U.S. Dept. of Educ. Blue Ribbon awards. Information about our U.S. Dept. of Educ. Blue Ribbon awards.