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Extracurricular Activities

Art Enrichment Program ‒ Classes offered based on grade level. Students meet once a week to dive into drawing and painting pottery, sculpture and more.

Chess Wizards-Strategies for Life ‒ Children are placed in specially designed classes that cater to all levels of chess ability. Each child is challenged by fun games and lessons from real Wizard teachers.

Choir ‒ Choir is an activity for students who love music and are gifted with the ability to sing. Students in grades three through eight are welcome to join. Choir members will perform at our school Masses and Christmas Concert.

Club Scientific ‒ After school science enrichment program. Introduces children to the mysteries of science through hands-on interactive experiments, adventures, and entertainment. Available classes for all grade levels.

Drama Club ‒ Every spring, the Drama Club presents a school play. The club is open to students in grades six through eight.

Instrumental Band ‒ The band has two levels in which students may participate: the beginner band and the advanced band. Open to students in grades four through eight, students will learn to read music and play musical instruments.

Karate ‒ The Karate Club is open to students in grades K through eight.

Safety Patrols ‒ Open to students in grades seven and eight, patrols participate under direction of Mrs. Gomez and Ms. Goetz, and enforce safety throughout our school.

Scouts ‒ St. Andrew Apostle offers a wonderful opportunity for your son or daughter to be in the Scouts program. We offer Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies and Daisies programs.

Sewing Classes ‒ Learn how to sew using sewing machines provided by the instructor. Offered to Junior High Students.

Student Council ‒ Student Council is open to students in grades three through eight. Each class elects a Student Council representative to assist and report on activities and fundraisers sponsored by the Student Council. Meeting times and agendas are decided and constructed by the Student Council officers and a faculty member.

Information about our U.S. Dept. of Educ. Blue Ribbon awards. Information about our U.S. Dept. of Educ. Blue Ribbon awards.