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In order to communicate the message entrusted to her by Christ, the Church needs art,” Saint John Paul II wrote in his 1999 Letter to Artists. “Artists must make perceptible, and as far as possible attractive, the world of the spirit, of the invisible, of God.

Pastor Dan Leary marshaled parishioners’ time, talent, and treasure during 2013 and 2014 to beautify the church building. The altarpiece, which had been transformed into a plain while wall during a previous renovation, has been replaced by an intricate triptych that was painted by a Saint Andrew’s parishioner.

The center panel is painted with lines on a blue background, suggesting both the stars of heaven and a fisherman’s net in honor of Saint Andrew. A pair of angels are featured on the side panels which face the tabernacle, standing in worship of the Eucharist. The depiction of the angels is based on the accounts of saints who have witnessed them, holding spears as Saint Teresa of Avila described them, and with brightly colored wings as seen by Saint Cecilia.

Carpenters resurfaced the altar, adding a carved relief of the Last Supper in a style similar to the original statues of Joseph and Mary that flank the sanctuary. The statues were removed from their wall mounting and placed on pedestals, as they had been originally designed.

A new lectern graces the dais, and on its front is the parish’s crest: an “X,” symbolizing the shape of the cross on which Andrew was said to be martyred, and fish are in each quadrant. The same crest also adorns the doors through which parishioners enter the church from outside.

Track lighting in the ceiling, also part of a previous renovation, has been replaced by large pendant lights. The original Stations of the Cross now have red backing to make them more visible.  Floors have been refinished with new carpeting and tile.

While many elements are new, some of the changes are revisions to the way the church looked in 1960. “I wanted to restore the original vision of Monsignor Coyne.” Father Dan said, referring to Saint Andrew’s founding pastor.

Overall plan conceived by David Gardiner of Gardiner Hall, Inc.

Tryptich Artist: Nicole Bourgea

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