Parish Pastoral Council

The Saint Andrew Apostle Pastoral Council, over which the pastor presides, is a consultative body that assists the pastor with discerning and achieving the overall good of the parish and its mission. The Council’s authority is founded upon the faith enunciated in the Code of Canon Law as well as the Archdiocesan Guidelines.


Parish Survey

Dear Parishioners,

Last Fall we conducted an online survey to help us identify the areas within our parish community that are strong and vibrant, and those that may need some attention. The survey was completed by about 350 individuals, which is a slightly smaller response rate as compared to other parishes of our size within the Archdiocese of Washington. That said, the respondents were a diverse group representing a range of ages, length of time as registered parishioners, and involvement in parish ministries. I would like to share some additional details about the data we collected through the survey.

There were five categories in the survey – Community, Worship, Administration, Service, and Education. Each category had between four and thirteen questions, and the questions were rated on a scale of 1 (low) to high (5). Additionally, each section offered an opportunity for free-form comments.  A snapshot of the numeric data gleaned through the survey is available <HERE>.

Next Steps:
In addition to the numeric data, there were many comments that provided even more detailed information about areas on which we should focus. I have asked the Parish Council to form 5 subcommittees based on the sections of the survey. These committees are conducting a detailed review of the numeric data and written comments. Over the next few weeks, we will provide more details about the findings for each section of the survey in the bulletin.

The Parish Council committee leads are as follows:
Community – Frank Corrigan and Dennis Gorres
Worship – Deacon Steve O’Neill and Eileen Mooney
Administration – John O’Donnell and Frank Watkins
Service – Deacon Mike Bond and Rosario Holmes-Onyekwere
Education – Jackie Kiwanuka

The survey has provided some very insightful and thought provoking information. I look forward to having the above teams share more of the data and related themes. I’m confident that that we can use this information to create an even stronger and better Saint Andrew Apostle parish community – one where each of you is able to build a personal relationship with Christ, and bring others to a similar relationship through your words and deeds.

In Christ,
Fr. Daniel Leary


Council Members


Rev. Daniel P. Leary

Council Chairman


F. Tom Claxton

Council President

Claxton PC







Frank Corrigan

Corrigan PC

Rolando DeAlvarez


Bob Kane







D. Patrick Kilner


Lisa Longacre


David Luksic







Rose Millet


Rosario Onyekwere


Frank Watkins

Frank Watkins Parish Council







Ex-Officio Members

Rev. Mario Majano

Parochial Vicar

Msgr. Kevin Hart

In Residence

Deacon Kenneth Barrett

Permanent Deacon

Deacon Michael Bond

Permanent Deacon

Susan Sheehan

School Principal

Deacon Steve O’Neill

Permanent Deacon

Deacon Steve Reeves

Permanent Deacon




ADW Guidelines for Pastoral Councils 

Indicators of Vitality Users Guide 

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