“Our athletics should go hand in hand with our youth ministry. Sports well understood and practiced contributes to the development of the whole person because it demands generous effort, careful self control, mastery of self and respect for others, complete commitment, and team spirit.”

Saint John Paul II

CYO Athletics are a vital and important component of Youth Ministry and an opening to young people’s active participation in the Church. It can be an effective influence in the formation of a young person’s Christian value system and life style.

Saint Andrew participates in the following seasonal sports:

Fall: SOCCER: Registration is now Opened!


Spring: TRACK and FIELD

Spring: Tee-Ball, Baseball and Softball

This year we are partnering with St. Bernadette CYO to

begin to bring back Tee-Ball, Baseball and Softball to St. Andrew!

Please visit their CYO Website for registration details.


The Saint Andrew CYO/Athletics registration website is <here>


Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Youth Organization 

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