The Holy Spirit Intercedes for Us

Ever get stuck in prayer? St. Paul offers us the perfect solution in Romans, today’s second reading.

Suffering: God Runs Through It

Other’s suffering or our own can be an occasion to profoundly encounter God

The Yoke Challenge!

Do it! Take the Yoke Challenge!

Loving #1 First

As the saying says, “First things first!”

No Place to Hide

When animals are sick, they’ll hide their wounds. Sometimes we too hide our wounds and/or our sins.

Living Presence

Receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and bringing his Living Presence, to the world is transformative for you and others.

A Love that Keeps on Loving

Holy Thursday. Ever wonder what kind of love He had to keep on loving?

What’s the Price?

What’s the price? How much to betray Him? A little lust? Lot of Greed? Something else?

Lent, Week 4: Man Born Blind

Are you wiling to admit you need healing? And to work with God to receive that healing?

Lent Week 3: The Samaritan Woman

Encountering Jesus changes everything. Once alone in shame, the woman’s life is changed forever..

Lent Week 2: Transfiguration

Accepting God’s graces allows God’s image to shine forth from us.

Lent Week 1: Temptation

When Jesus was tempted in the desert, he gave us a model to help resist temptation…

Our King is Forever

Earthly leaders come and go. Some are pretty good, some are not. There is only one who is all-good…

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it simple sometimes works best in our spiritual journeys…

Two Way Lifting

The importance of lifting up others and especially those who are lifting us up and who lifted us up!

Spiritual Leprosy

Sin is a kind of spiritual leprosy that isolates us from God and others. Jesus is the cure!

Growing Faith

What to do when it feels like our faith is shriveling instead of growing.

Called By Name

What if the rich man called Lazarus by name? Might he have seen the human being hidden in the rags on his doorstep?

Gotta Add Love

Jesus asks us to be faithful in small things. Adding changes even the mundane…

The Art of the Lavish Welcome

You probably have been in the Prodigal Son’s shoes. Ever try being in the Prodigal Father’s shoes: lavishly welcoming someone home?

Blind Spot

One of the hallmarks of an experienced driver (or Christian!) is knowing where the blind spots are and keeping an eye on them.

Coincidence? Or God-incidence?

Finding God in the chance moments of life.

Parish Mission Feb 29 to Mar 2

Mass with healing prayers Wed, March 2. Listen to closing night Homily live at:

Jesus, Our King, Now and Forever

Remembering that Jesus is our King now and forever gives us hope and comfort in times of grief.

The Mighty Widow’s Mite

Sometimes when you have nothing to give, you have the most to give.

“Let Me See, Lord”

When things are dark, to see things anew, sometimes we need to just ask the Lord, “Let me see.”

Compassion Passion

Our own weaknesses and suffering can be the gateway to greater compassion and mercy for others.

God IS Mercy, Mercy is God

A special Holy Year of Mercy will begin on December 8 with the biblical theme, “Be merciful just as your Father is merciful.”

On with the “Show”

When a woman is pregnant, folks start noticing that she’s showing. Are we allowing Christ living within us to “show?”

Getting Ready

How do we prepare ourselves to give to others the truest and best-est gift of Christmas: the Love and Joy of Jesus, Himself?