Latest Homily
“Give Your Worries to the Lord”,
February 26, 2017

Sunday Mass, MT 6:24-34 & Homily (0:00-2:35-19:09)

Pastor's Corner

Our King is Forever

Earthly leaders come and go. Some are pretty good, some are not. There is only one who is all-good…

Parish Chronicle

Catholics Come Home

Experience a positive difference in your life and your family by visiting your parish and encountering Jesus through the sacraments. Do it for your kids. Do it for yourself. Welcome home.

Sacrament Schedule

  • Sunday Masses
    Sat.Vigil at 5:00PM
    Sun. at 8:30, 10:00, 11:30AM & 5:00PM
  • Weekday Masses
    Mon. through Fri. at 6:30AM (1/17-5/26 except 2/20, 4/13, and 4/14), 8:30AM, Sat. at 9:00AM
  • Confession
    Mon. through Fri. at 9:00AM, Sat. at 9:30AM and 4:00-5:00PM or contact a priest for appointment
  • Rosary
    Mon. through Fri. following the morning mass and Sat. at 3:00PM
  • Eucharistic Adoration
    Fri. at 7:00PM and first Sat. of month at 9:30AM followed by Benediction